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Academic Writing : A Handbook for International Students: Answer Key Included 4TH

Bailey, Stephen
紙版刊行: 2014/11

This new edition of Academic Writing has been fully revised to help students write good academic English. Clearly organised, the course explains the writing process from start to finish. Each stage is demonstrated and practised, from selecting suitable sources, reading, note-making and planning through to re-writing and proof-reading.

Writing in Social Spaces : A Social Processes Approach to Academic Writing (Society for Research into Higher Education)

Murray, Rowena
紙版刊行: 2014/09

Many supervisors are unsure about how to help postgraduates improve their writing for thesis and publication. Whilst the problem does presents through concerns with ‘time’, it is also partly about writing practices, academic identities and lack of motivation. This book provides a research-based, theorised approach to the skill of writing whilst retaining a link to writing practices and giving immediate yet sustainable solutions to the writing problem. This book is a valuable resource for academics, scholars, professionals and practitioners, as well as researchers at all stages of their career, and in all disciplines.

Academic Writing and Publishing : A Practical Handbook

Hartley, James
紙版刊行: 2008/08

Guiding academics through the process of writing and publishing research articles, this invaluable handbook for postgraduates and lecturers new to publishing gives examples and brief discussions in a readable and lively personal style.

Academic Writing for International Students of Science

Bottomley, Jane
紙版刊行: 2014/07

This guide to academic scientific writing in English, covers a range of issues such as how to explain complex ideas clearly and concisely, how to develop a coherent argument, and how to avoid plagiarism by making effective reference to sources.

The Essentials of Academic Writing for International Students

Bailey, Stephen
紙版刊行: 2015/06

All international students wanting to achieve academic success will find this practical and easy-to-use book a valuable guide to improving their written English - quickly!

Academic Writing for International Students of Business 2ND

Bailey, Stephen
紙版刊行: 2015/02

This is a unique and practical book specially designed to assist overseas students studying Business or Economics courses in English. This new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the interests and issues of contemporary Business studies, and there is also now strong emphasis on how international students can broaden their vocabulary and use it more effectively in their work.

Doing Academic Writing in Education : Connecting the Personal and the Professional

Richards, Janet C./ Miller, Sharon K.
紙版刊行: 2005/06

Carefully designed to help readers gain confidence and acquire competence in their academic writing abilities. Organized to help the reader move progressively and confidently forward as a writer of academic prose, it features: *activities to engage readers in connecting their writing endeavors to their personal selves, and in discovering their own writing attitudes, behaviors, strengths, and problem areas; *practical applications to inform and support the reader's writing initiatives, *writing samples and personal stories about writing, offering hints about conditions, self-reflections, and habits that help them write effectively.

Your Dissertation in Education (Sage Study Skills) 2ND

Buckler, Scott/ Walliman, Nicholas
紙版刊行: 2016/04
Sage Pubns Ltd

A straight-forward, plain English guide to doing and writing your project. It will take you from start to finish, with practical and friendly advice on every page.This second edition includes: 1) A new Foundations section with the concepts and tools you need to get started. 2) An expanded guide to methodology and writing about methods3) A new chapter on mixed methods. An essential companion on your dissertation journey, this book is ideal for students across education, including teacher training, early childhood and education studies.

English for Writing Research Papers (English for Academic Research) 2ND

Wallwork, Adrian
紙版刊行: 2016/03

This new edition contains over 40% new material, including two new chapters, stimulating factoids, and discussion points both for self-study and in-class use.

Essay Writing : A Student's Guide (Sage Study Skills Series)

Shields, Munling
紙版刊行: 2010/03
Sage Pubns Ltd

The book offers practical, in-depth guidance on each of the stages of the essay writing process - planning, drafting and editing - and relates them to the important sub-skills of information-gathering, reading academic texts, how to get the most out of lectures, referencing and citations, fluency and appropriateness of style and language.

Writing Qualitative Inquiry : Self, Stories, and Academic Life (Writing Lives)

Goodall, H. L., Jr.
紙版刊行: 2008/04
Left Coast Pr

Provides writing tips and strategies from a well-published, successful author of creative nonfiction and concrete guidance on finding appropriate outlets for your work.

Writing and Presenting Research (Sage Study Skills)

Thody, Angela
紙版刊行: 2006/06
Sage Pubns Ltd

An invaluable introductory guide through the choices to be made when deciding how to report research.Covers research written as theses and dissertations; chapters, books, reports and articles in academic, professional or general media such as newspapers; and also reviews the options for presenting research orally as lectures, keynotes, conference papers.Has relevance to the social sciences, arts, humanities, natural and applied sciences and law and is an invaluable reference tool for new and experienced researchers alike.

English for Presentations at International Conferences (English for Academic Research) 2ND

Wallwork, Adrian
紙版刊行: 2016/03

This new edition contains several additional features, including stimulating factoids and discussion points both for self-study and in-class use. New chapters also cover: learning from talks on TED; networking with potential collaborators, professors, fellow researchers; interacting successfully with non-native audiences; posters.

English for Interacting on Campus (English for Academic Research)

Wallwork, A.
紙版刊行: 2016/05

This volume covers the day-to-day activities of a non-native English speaking student carrying out research, attending lectures, socializing, and living in a foreign country.

Writing for Earth Scientists : 52 Lessons in Academic Publishing

Donovan, Stephen K.
紙版刊行: 2017/05

Composed of numerous short chapters, all directly relevant to one or more aspects of academic publishing and aimed particularly at the Earth scientists in the broadest sense.The book is intended to be informative, readable. In summary, it will be a readable compilation investigating many facets of academic publishing relevant to the Earth sciences.It will be of particular interest to postgraduate students, postdocs and new academics.