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Introduction to Formal Philosophy (Springer Undergraduate Texts in Philosophy)

Hansson, Sven Ove/ Hendricks, Vincent F. (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/05

This undergraduate textbook introduces key methods and examines the major areas of philosophy in which formal methods play pivotal roles. Coverage begins with a thorough introduction to formalization and to the advantages and pitfalls of formal methods in philosophy.

Mathematical Logic : On Numbers, Sets, Structures, and Symmetry (Springer Graduate Texts in Philosophy)

Kossak, Roman
紙版刊行: 2018/10

This book, presented in two parts, offers a slow introduction to mathematical logic, and several basic concepts of model theory, such as first-order definability, types, symmetries, and elementary extensions.

Ludwig Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations : An Attempt at a Critical Rationalist Appraisal (Synthese Library) Vol. 401

Agassi, Joseph
紙版刊行: 2018/10

This book collects 13 papers that explore Wittgenstein's philosophy throughout the different stages of his career. The author writes from the viewpoint of critical rationalism. The tone of his analysis is friendly and appreciative yet critical. Of these papers, seven are on the back ground to the philosophy of Wittgenstein.

The Philosophy of Logical Atomism : A Centenary Reappraisal (History of Analytic Philosophy)

Elkind, Landon D. C./ Landini, Gregory (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/09
Palgrave Macmillan

This book offers a comprehensive critical survey of issues of historical interpretation and evaluation in Bertrand Russell's 1918 logical atomism lectures and logical atomism itself.

Space, Imagination and the Cosmos from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period (Studies in History and Philosophy of Science)

Bakker, Frederik/ Bellis, Delphine/ Palmerino, Carla Rita (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/12

This volume provides a much needed, history accurate narrative of the development of theories of space up to the beginning of the eighteenth century. It studies conceptions of space that were implicitly or explicitly entailed by ancient, medieval and early modern representations of the cosmos.

Philosophy of Science for Scientists (Springer Undergraduate Texts in Philosophy)

Johansson, L.
紙版刊行: 2015/12

This textbook helps undergraduate students from the natural, the human and social sciences to gain an understanding of what science is, how it has developed, what its core traits are, how to distinguish between science and pseudo-science and to discover what a scientific attitude is.

Evidence in the Age of the New Sciences (International Archives of the History of Ideas Archives internationales d'histoire des idées)Vol. 225

Lancaster, James A.T./ Raiswell, Richard (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/07

In this important new collection, Lancaster and Raiswell have assembled twelve studies that capture aspects of the debate over evidence in a variety of intellectual contexts. From law and theology to geography, medicine and experimental philosophy, the chapters highlight the great diversity of approaches to evidence-gathering that existed side by side in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Pufendorf's Theory of Sociability: Passions, Habits and Social Order (The New Synthese Historical Library)

Haara, Heikki
紙版刊行: 2018/10

This book centres on Samuel Pufendorf's (1632-1694) moral and political philosophy, a subject of recently renewed interest among intellectual historians, philosophers and legal scholars in the English-speaking world.

Philosophy of Race : An Introduction (Palgrave Philosophy Today)

Zack, Naomi
紙版刊行: 2018/06
Palgrave Macmillan

Provides plainly written access to a new subfield that has been in the background of philosophy since Plato and Aristotle.

Axel Honneth and the Critical Theory of Recognition (Political Philosophy and Public Purpose)

Schmitz, Volker (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/08
Palgrave Macmillan

This volume brings together critical voices on the state and direction of Frankfurt School theory today by examining Honneth's theory in light of both current challenges and the intellectual and political ambitions that have shaped the tradition from its beginning.