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The Mind under the Axioms : Decision-Theory Beyond Revealed Preferences (Perspectives in Behavioral Economics and the Economics of Behavior)

Bourgeois-Gironde, Sacha
紙版刊行: 2019/09
Academic Pr

The book reviews two basic ingredients of our understanding of human decisions - conative aspects (preferences) and cognitive aspects (beliefs). It offers a bridge between the disciplines of decision-theory, psychology, and neuroeconomics.

Dishonesty in Behavioral Economics (Perspectives in Behavioral Economics and the Economics of Behavior)

Bucciol, Alessandro/ Montinari, Natalia (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2019/06
Academic Pr

Contributors emphasize the effects of psychological, social and cognitive factors on the decision-making process. In contrast to related titles, this book emphasizes the importance of empirical research methodologies, demonstrating how various methods applied to similar research questions can lead to different results.

Behavioral Economics : The Basics (Basics)

Corr, Philip/ Plagnol, Anke
紙版刊行: 2018/06

This is the book to provide a rigorous yet accessible overview of behavioral economics, a growing field that attempts to uncover the psychological processes which mediate the economic decsions we make.

The Beginnings of Behavioral Economics : Katona, Simon, and Leibenstein's X-Efficiency Theory (Perspectives in Behavioral Economics and the Economics

Frantz, Roger
紙版刊行: 2019/09
Academic Pr

It discusses the work of Harvey Leibenstein, Herbert Simon, George Katona, and Frederick Hayek, reintroducing their contributions as founding pillars of the behavioral approach.

Neuroeconomics : Decision Making and the Brain 2ND

Glimcher, Paul W./ Fehr, Ernst (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2013/09
Academic Pr

Published in association with the Society for Neuroeconomics. Offering the necessary interdisciplinary approach, Neuroeconomics second edition presents research from neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral economics.

Foundations of Economic Psychology : A Behavioral and Mathematical Approach

Takemura, Kazuhisa
紙版刊行: 2019/09

With speculations about the future of modern economic psychology, referring to its connection with fields related to neuroscience, such as neuroeconomics, which have been developed in recent years.

Judgment under Uncertainty : Heuristics and Biases (The Macat Library)

Morvan, Camille/ Jenkins, William J.
紙版刊行: 2017/07
Taylor & Francis

For decades, social scientists had used a mythical figure to describe how humans make decisions: homo economics. He was logical and conscientious. To make a decision, he would evaluate all the options open to him, then choose the most rational course of action.

The Neuroeconomics of Prosocial Behavior : The Compassionate Egoist

Declerck, Carolyn/ Boone, Christophe
紙版刊行: 2015/09
Academic Pr

This summary of recent research in neuroeconomics aims to explain how and why a person can sometimes be generous, helpful, and cooperative, yet other times behave in a self-interested and/or exploitative manner.

Neuroeconomics, Judgment, and Decision Making (Frontiers of Cognitive Psychology)

Wilhelms, Evan A./ Reyna, Valerie F. (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2014/07
Psychology Pr

Applies the cognitive and social psychological principles of decision-making to behavioral economics, and reviews the neurological bases of these principles.