なお、全てのタイトルの試し読みが可能です。「Kinoppy 無料お試し版」ボタンから是非お試しください。


「紙の書籍はこちら」は、複数の装丁刊行がある場合、その中の一つにリンクされています。紙の書籍詳細画面上に 「装丁違いISBN」のリンクがある場合、こちらから他の装丁刊行情報もご確認いただけます。

商品詳細へブラックウェル版 ルネサンス詩必携
A Companion to Renaissance Poetry (Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture)

Bates, Ann (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/02

Covering the period 1520-1680, this Companion offers 46 essays which present an in-depth account of the context, production, and interpretation of early modern British poetry.

商品詳細へラウトレッジ版 シェイクスピアと哲学必携
The Routledge Companion to Shakespeare and Philosophy (Routledge Philosophy Companions)

Bourne, Craig/ Bourne, Emily Caddick (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/10

商品詳細へラウトレッジ版 初期英国植民地世界の女性・性・ジェンダー文学研究必携
Routledge Companion to Women, Sex, and Gender in the Early British Colonial World

Coles, Kimberley Anne/ Keller, Eve (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/10

This volume presents a comprehensive examination of the scholarship on women and gender in Anglophone literature during the early modern period. It examines women's lives, their practical and cultural work, the ideologies of gender that underwrite cultural production, and the divide between ideology and lived experience.

商品詳細へオックスフォード版 バニヤン・ハンドブック
The Oxford Handbook of John Bunyan (Oxford Handbooks)

Davies, Michael/ Owens, W. R. (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/09
Oxford Univ Pr

This Handbook brings together thirty eight original essays on the seventeenth-century Nonconformist preacher and writer, John Bunyan. The chapters span Bunyan's life and works, their religious and historical contexts, and the critical reception of his writings, in particular his allegorical narrative, The Pilgrim's Progress.

商品詳細へラウトレッジ版 シェイクスピアとアプロープリエーションのグローバルな視座ハンドブック
The Routledge Handbook of Shakespeare and Global Appropriation (Routledge Literature Handbooks)

Desmet, Christy/ Iyengar, Sujata/ Jacobson, Miriam (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2019/10

This Handbook brings together a variety of different voices to examine the ways that Shakespeare has been adapted and appropriated onto stage, screen, page, and a variety of digital formats. The 39 chapters address topics such as trans- and intermedia performances; Shakespearean utopias and dystopias; the ethics of appropriation; Shakespeare and Global justice as guidance on how to approach the teaching of these topics.

商品詳細へオックスフォード版 マーヴェル・ハンドブック
The Oxford Handbook of Andrew Marvell (Oxford Handbooks)

Dzelzainis, Martin/ Holberton, Edward (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2019/05
Oxford Univ Pr

The Oxford Handbook of Andrew Marvell is the most comprehensive and informative collection of essays ever assembled dealing with the life and writings of the poet and politician Andrew Marvell (1621-78).

商品詳細へケンブリッジ版 シェイクスピアと宗教必携
The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and Religion (Cambridge Companions to Literature)

Hamlin, Hannibal (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2019/03
Cambridge Univ Pr

This Companion provides an essential grounding in early modern religious culture and the ideas that Shakespeare returned to throughout his career. Focused close-readings of individual plays explore the variegated Christian contexts of Shakespeare's work, as well as the treatment of Judaism, Islam and classical paganism.

商品詳細へオックスフォード版 シェイクスピア喜劇ハンドブック
The Oxford Handbook of Shakespearean Comedy (Oxford Handbooks)

Hirschfeld, Heather (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/11
Oxford Univ Pr

The Oxford Handbook of Shakespearean Comedy features a wide range of essays by leading scholars on key aspects of Shakespeare's medieval sources, the literary and theatrical environment of early modern London, as well as chapters on religion, animals, mucic, sexual desire, architecture, and race.

商品詳細へラウトレッジ版 英伊ルネサンス文学・文化必携
The Routledge Research Companion to Anglo-Italian Renaissance Literature and Culture

Marrapodi, Michele (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2019/03

商品詳細へオックスフォード版 シェイクスピアと舞踊ハンドブック
The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare and Dance (Oxford Handbooks)

Mcculloch, Lynsey/ Shaw, Brandon (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2019/03
Oxford Univ Pr

Motivated by growing interest in movement, materiality, and the body, The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare and Dance is the first collection to examine the relationship between William Shakespeare - his life, works, and afterlife - and dance.

商品詳細へオックスフォード版 18世紀諷刺文学ハンドブック
The Oxford Handbook of Eighteenth-Century Satire

Bullard, Paddy (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2019/09
Oxford Univ Pr

The Oxford Handbook of Eighteenth-Century Satire reflects developments in historical criticism of eighteenth-century writing over the last two decades, and provides a forum in which the widening diversity of literary, intellectual, and socio-historical approaches to the period's texts can come together.

商品詳細へケンブリッジ版 ギボン必携
The Cambridge Companion to Edward Gibbon (Cambridge Companions to Literature)

O'Brien, Karen/ Young, Brian (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/06
Cambridge Univ Pr

Edward Gibbon's monumental The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is of enduring interest to literary scholars, classicists and historians of the ancient world. This Companion provides a comprehensive overview of the intellectual roots, contemporary European contexts, literary style and thematic scale of Gibbon's achievement.

商品詳細へケンブリッジ版 シャーロック・ホームズ必携
The Cambridge Companion to Sherlock Holmes (Cambridge Companions to Literature)

Allan, Janice M./ Pittard, Christopher (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2019/06
Cambridge Univ Pr

This Companion is an accessible exploration of Sherlock Holmes and his relationship to late-Victorian culture as well as his significance and popularity. Readings of selected Holmes adventures explore the development of detective fiction and Victorian publishing alongside themes of gender, Englishness, law, criminality, adaptation and fandom.

商品詳細へラウトレッジ版 ヴィクトリア朝文学必携
The Routledge Companion to Victorian Literature (Routledge Literature Companions)

Denisoff, Dennis/ Schaffer, Talia (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2019/11

The Routledge Companion of Victorian Literature offers 45 articles by leading international scholars working with the most dynamic and influential political, cultural, and theoretical issues addressing Victorian literature today.

商品詳細へオックスフォード版 イギリス・ロマン主義ハンドブック
The Oxford Handbook of British Romanticism (Oxford Handbooks)

Duff, David (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/12
Oxford Univ Pr

This Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of British Romantic literature and an authoritative guide to all aspects of the movement including its historical, cultural, and intellectual contexts, and its connections with the literature and thought of other countries. All the major Romantic writers are covered alongside lesser known writers.

商品詳細へオックスフォード版 ディケンズ・ハンドブック
The Oxford Handbook of Charles Dickens (Oxford Handbooks)

Patten, Robert L./ Jordan, John O./ Waters, Catherine (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/12
Oxford Univ Pr

The Oxford Handbook of Charles Dickens is a comprehensive and up-to-date collection on Dickens's life and works that includes original chapters on all of Dickens's writing and new considerations of his contexts, from the social, political, and economic to the scientific, commercial, and religious.

商品詳細へラウトレッジ版 フォード・マドックス・フォード必携
The Routledge Research Companion to Ford Madox Ford

Haslam, Sara/ Colombino, Laura/ O'malley, Seamus (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/11

The Palgrave Handbook of Contemporary Irish Theatre and Performance

Jordan, Eamonn/ Weitz, Eric (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/10
Palgrave Macmillan

Bringing together a spectrum of voices and sensibilities in each of its four sections - Histories, Close-ups, Interfaces, and Reflections - this Handbook casts its gaze back across the past sixty years or so to recall, analyse, and assess the recent legacy of theatre and performance on this island.

商品詳細へオックスフォード版 チャールズ・ブロックデン・ブラウン
The Oxford Handbook of Charles Brockden Brown (Oxford Handbooks)

Barnard, Philip/ Emmett, Hilary/ Shapiro, Stephen (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2019/06
Oxford Univ Pr

Provides a state-of-the-art survey of the life and writings of Charles Brockden Brown, a key writer of the Atlantic revolutionary age and U.S. Early Republic.

商品詳細へラウトレッジ版 アメリカ文芸ジャーナリズム必携
The Routledge Companion to American Literary Journalism (Routledge Media and Cultural Studies Companions)

Dow, William E./ Maguire, Roberta S./ Nakamura, Yoko (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2019/12

アメリカ文学研究、ジャーナリズム研究、アメリカ研究全体、社会学、人類学、ジェンダー研究などの最新の関心を結びつける全35章。 This volume not only calls attention to literary journalism as a distinctive genre but also provides a critical foundation for future scholarship. It brings together cutting-edge research from literary journalism scholars, examining historical perspectives; themes, venues, and genres across time; theoretical approaches and disciplinary intersections; and new directions for scholarly inquiry.

商品詳細へケンブリッジ版 ボクシングとアメリカ文化必携
The Cambridge Companion to Boxing (Cambridge Companions to Literature)

Early, Gerald (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2019/01
Cambridge Univ Pr

This book offers engaging and informative essays about the social impact and historical importance of the sport of boxing.

商品詳細へオックスフォード版 ポー・ハンドブック
The Oxford Handbook of Edgar Allan Poe (Oxford Handbooks)

Kennedy, J. Gerald/ Peeples, Scott (EDT) Doan, Caleb (CON)
紙版刊行: 2019/01
Oxford Univ Pr

Edited by leading experts J. Gerald Kennedy and Scott Peeples, this volume presents a sweeping reexamination of Poe's work. 45 distinguished scholars address Poe's troubled life and checkered career as a ''magazinist,'' his poetry and prose, and his reviews, essays, opinions, and marginalia. The chapters provide fresh insights into Poe's lasting impact on subsequent literature, music, art, comics, and film and illuminate his radical conception of the universe, science, and the human mind.

商品詳細へオックスフォード版 アメリカ・リアリズム文学ハンドブック
The Oxford Handbook of American Literary Realism (Oxford Handbooks)

Newlin, Keith (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2019/09
Oxford Univ Pr

The Oxford Handbook of American Literary Realism offers 35 vibrant and original essays of new interpretations of the artistic and political challenges of representing life. It is the first book to treat the subject topically and thematically, in wide scope, with essays that draw upon recent scholarship in literary and cultural studies to offer an authoritative and in-depth reassessment of major and minor figures and the contexts that shaped their work.

商品詳細へラウトレッジ版 南北アメリカ文化・メディア研究ハンドブック
The Routledge Handbook to the Culture and Media of the Americas

Raussert, Wilfried/ Anatol, Giselle Liza/ Thies, Sebastian (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2020/03

Exploring the culture and media of the Americas, this handbook places particular emphasis on collective and intertwined experiences and focuses on the transnational or hemispheric dimensions of cultural flows and geocultural imaginaries that shape the literature, arts, media and other cultural expressions in the Americas.

商品詳細へブラックウェル版 アメリカ文学必携(全3巻)
A Companion to American Literature (Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture)

Belasco, Susan/ Gaul, Theresa Strouth/ Johnson, Linck/ Soto, Michael (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2020/04