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China's International Investment Strategy : Bilateral, Regional, and Global Law and Policy (International Economic Law)

Chaisse, Julien (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2019/04
Oxford Univ Pr

This book explores the three tracks of China's investment policy and strategy: bilateral agreements, regional agreements, and global initiatives. Its overarching topic is whether these three tracks compete with or complement one another - a question of profound importance for China's political and economic future and world investment governance.

The Political Economy of Competition Law in China

Ng, Wendy
紙版刊行: 2018/01
Cambridge Univ Pr

The Political Economy of Competition Law in China provides a unique perspective of China's competition law. Adopting a framework that focuses on key stakeholders and the relevant governance and policy environment, this book examines China's anti-monopoly law in its legal, institutional, economic, and political contexts.

The Political Economy of Press Freedom : The Paradox of Taiwan Versus China (Politics in Asia)

Huang, Jaw-nian
紙版刊行: 2019/08

1. Introduction 2. The Cold War and the Authoritarian Control over the Media, 1949-1988 3. Neoliberalism and the Marketization of the Media, 1988-2008 4. China's Economic Rise and its Influence on Taiwan's Media, 2008-2016 5. Conclusion

Mapping China's 'One Belt One Road' Initiative (International Political Economy Series)

Xing, Li (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/08
Palgrave Macmillan

This book sets out to analyze how the OBOR initiative will influence the world's geo-political and geo-economic environment, with specific regard to the 'Belt and Road' countries and regions.

Agricultural Transition in China : Domestic and International Perspectives on Technology and Institutional Change (Palgrave Studies in Economic History)

Du, Jun
紙版刊行: 2018/05
Palgrave Macmillan

Chapter 1: A General Theory Review. Chapter 2: Economic Thinking on Chinese Agriculture. Chapter 3. State-Led Changes: Failures and Successes. Chapter 4: Trend's in China's Grain Production. Chapter 5: Agricultural Transition in Taiwan: Towards a Comparative Study with Mainland China. Chapter 6: Agricultural Transition in Selected Asian Countries. Chapter 7. Conclusion.

The Economics and Politics of Chinas Energy Security Transition TRA

Zhao, Hongtu/ Zhang, Li (TRN)
紙版刊行: 2018/09
Academic Pr

Market in State : The Political Economy of Domination in China

Zheng, Yongnian/ Huang, Yanjie
紙版刊行: 2018/11
Cambridge Univ Pr

By examining Chinese economic practices against the dominant schools of Western political economy and classical Chinese economic thoughts, the authors set out the analytical framework of 'market in state' to conceptualize the market not as an autonomous self-regulating order but part and parcel of a state-centered order.

How China's Silk Road Initiative Is Changing the Global Economic Landscape (Routledge Studies in the Growth Economies of Asia)

Li, Yuan/ Taube, Markus (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2019/09

China's New Silk Road initiative constitutes one of the most ambitious projects in recent decades designed to change the pattern of the global economic division of labour as well as the geostrategic balance of power. This book brings together leading scholars from economics, political science and area studies, who present the latest cutting-edge knowledge and the latest state-of-the-art economic and political analysis on how the new initiative is developing and likely to develop.

Crowdfunding in China : A New Institutional Economics Approach (Contributions to Management Science)

Funk, Andrea S.
紙版刊行: 2018/10

China's State Enterprises : Changing Role in a Rapidly Transforming Economy

Li, Ran/ Cheong, Kee Cheok
紙版刊行: 2018/08
Palgrave Macmillan

This book focuses on the nature and significance of China's state enterprises which have undergone substantial changes since China's economic liberalization in 1978.

China's Commercial Health Insurance (Routledge Studies on the Chinese Economy)

China Development Research Foundation (COR)
紙版刊行: 2020/08

China's Economy (What Everyone Needs to Know) 2ND

Kroeber, Arthur R.
紙版刊行: 2020/07
Oxford Univ Pr

The rise of China is the single most important economic and geopolitical development, and this book provides a concise, easy-to-read guide to how China works, where it's going, and what it means for the rest of the world.

China's Economic New Normal : Growth, Structure, and Momentum (Research Series on the Chinese Dream and China's Development Path)

Cai, Fang (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2020/05

商品詳細へラウトレッジ版 中国経済ハンドブック
Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Economy

Chow, Gregory C./ Perkins, Dwight H. (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2019/12

The handbook surveys the current economic situation in China and its integration into the global economy.

The Chinese Economy and Its Challenges : Transformation of a Rising Economic Power (Routledge Contemporary China)

Kwong, Charles C. L.
紙版刊行: 2019/12

How State-Owned Enterprises Drag on Economic Growth : Theory and Evidence from China

Liu, Ruiming
紙版刊行: 2019/06

The book argues that SOE reform is pivotal to stimulating general economic reform and development in order for China to achieve a smooth transition to a mature market economy.

China's Economic Engagement in North Korea (Palgrave Series in Asia and Pacific Studies)

Gao, Bo
紙版刊行: 2019/02
Palgrave Macmillan

Evolutionary Economic Geography in China (Economic Geography)

He, Canfei/ Zhu, Shengjun
紙版刊行: 2019/01

The book provides the first detailed account of the complex geographica dynamics restructuring China's manufacturing industries from the evolutionary ecoomic geography perspective.

Economic Transition and Labour Market Reform in China

Ma, Xinxin
紙版刊行: 2018/10
Palgrave Macmillan

Special Economic Zones in China (Research Series on the Chinese Dream and Chinas Development Path)

Tao, Yitao/ Lu, Zhiguo
紙版刊行: 2018/08

It discusses a number of topics, including the history and the modernization of special economic zones in China, the contributions of special economic zones to China's economic success and cultural change, as well as the new mission of special economic zones in the current economic-social context.

China's Virtual Monopoly of Rare Earth Elements : Economic, Technological and Strategic Implications (Routledge Contemporary China)

Howanietz, Roland
紙版刊行: 2018/06

1. Introduction 2. Introduction to Rare Earth Metals 3. Assessment of Rare Earths scarcity 4. The optimal extraction path of Rare Earth Metals for China 5. Adjustments in the regulatory framework of the Chinese Rare Earths sector 6. Conclusions

China's Belt and Road Initiatives : Economic Geography Reformation

Liu, Wei (EDT)
紙版刊行: 2018/05

The Chinese Economy : Adaptation and Growth 2ND

Naughton, Barry
紙版刊行: 2018/03
Mit Pr

The new edition of a comprehensive overview of the modern Chinese economy, revised to reflect the end of the "miracle growth" period.

Economic Policy Making in China (1949-2016) : The Role of Economists (Routledge Contemporary China)

Bottelier, Pieter
紙版刊行: 2018/03

Innovation and Industrial Development in China : A Schumpeterian Perspective on Chinas Economic Transformation (Routledge Frontiers of Business Management)

Feng, Kaidong
紙版刊行: 2019/09

This book focuses on China's economic transformation at firm and institution levels. It shares insights into the growth of innovative Chinese firms in the automobile and telecom equipment sectors, both of which promoted social dialogue of policy-making and ultimately contributed to a policy paradigm shift in China's 'indigenous innovation'.