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Gender, Sexuality, and Intimacy: A Contexts Reader

O'Brien, Jodi (EDT)   Stein, Arlene (EDT)

SAGE Publications, Inc 2017/01
出版国: US
ISBN: 9781506352312
eISBN: 9781506352336
KNPID: EY00155333
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Full Description

This new anthology brings together over 90 recent readings on gender, sexuality, and intimate relationships from Contexts, the award-winning magazine published by the ASA. Each contributor is a contemporary sociologist writing in the clear, concise, and jargon-free style that has made Contexts the “public face” of sociology. The editors have chosen pieces that are timely, thought-provoking, and especially suitable for classroom use; written introductions that frame each of the books three main sections; and provided questions for discussion.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Where Is Gender?
Focus Point: Learning to Parent Transgender Children - Nicole Bedera
Locating Gender
1 Boys vs. Girls - Debra Rigney
2 The Hearts of Boys - Niobe Way, C.J. Pascoe, Mark McCormack, Amy Schalet, and Freeden Oeur
3 Jeremy Lin’s Model Minority Problem - Maxwell Leung
4 Transitioning Out Loud and Online - Arlene Stein
In Brief: Fashioning Flawlessness - Kelly Kato
5 A 21st Century Gender Revolution - Sangyoub Park
6 The Feminization of American Immigration - Donna R. Gabaccia
In Brief: Fashion Victims - Aghil Daghagheleh
Scripting Gender: Media and Culture
7 Celebrity Drug Scandals, Media Double Standards - Rebecca Tiger
In Brief: Orange Is Mostly the Same Gender - Adriana Brodyn
8 Selling Feminism, Consuming Femininity - Amanda M. Gengler
9 Beauty Beyond a Size 16 - Amanda M. Czerniawski
10 Enduring Dilemmas of Female Celebrity - Karen Sternheimer
11 #CallMeCaitlyn and Contemporary Trans* Visibility - D’Lane Compton and Tristan Bridges
12 Dancing the Body Beautiful - Julia A. Ericksen
13 Discrimination and Dress Codes in Urban Nightlife - Reuben A. Buford May
Scripting Gender: Sport
14 Tiger Girls on the Soccer Field - Hilary Levey Friedman
In Brief: Babes in Bikeland - Bjorn Christianson
15 Ritual Violence in a Two-Car Garage - Scott Melzer
16 The Sanctity of Sunday Football: Why Men Love Sports - Douglas Hartmann
17 Playing but Losing: Women’s Sports After Title IX - Cheryl Cooky and Nicole M. LaVoi
18 Muslim Female Athletes and the Hijab - Geoff Harkness and Samira Islam
Violence and Transgression
19 Ruling out Rape - Lisa Wade, Brian Sweeney, Amelia Seraphia Derr, Michael A. Messner, and Carol Burke
20 Walking Like a Man? - Kristen Barber and Kelsy Kretschmer
21 Carrying Guns, Contesting Gender - Jennifer Dawn Carlson
22 Stealing a Bag of Potato Chips and Other Crimes of Resistance - Victor M. Rios
In Brief: When Victims Blame the Victim - Nicole Bedera
23 Changing Men in South Africa: Interview With Dean Peacock - Shari L. Dworkin
In Brief: Suicide's Gender Divide - Lucia Lykke
Gendered Institutions
24 The Not-so-Pink Ivory Tower - Ann Mullen
25 What Gender Is Science? - Maria Charles
26 Women of God - Orit Avishai
27 Bathroom Battlegrounds and Penis Panics - Kristen Schilt and Laurel Westbrook
28 Suffering in an Age of Personal Responsibility - Susan Sered
In Brief: Egalitarian Preferences, Gendered Realities - Lucia Lykke
29 A Feminist’s Work Is Never Done: Interview With Joan Acker - Jennifer L. Pierce
30 Got Power? - Christine Williams
In Brief: Women: Agents of Change - Moriah Willow
Introduction: Navigating Sexuality
Focus Point: Slut-Shaming Romance Writers - Nicole Bedera
Navigating Sexuality
31 Mixed Messages About Teen Sex - Stefanie Mollborn
32 Sex, Love, and Autonomy in the Teenage Sleepover - Amy Schalet
In Brief: Online Dating Choices, Constrained - Joanna Pepin
33 Is Hooking Up Bad for Young Women? - Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Laura Hamilton, and Paula England
34 Straight Girls Kissing - Leila J. Rupp and Verta Taylor
In Brief: Abstinence and Masculinity - Nicole Bedera
35 Hooking Up and Dating Are Two Sides of a Coin - Traci Luff, Kristi Hoffman, and Marit Berntson
36 Sexuality Has No Expiration Date - Linda J. Waite
Sexual Knowledge
37 Can’t Ask, Can’t Tell: How Institutional Review Boards Keep Sex in the Closet - Janice M. Irvine
In Brief: Limits to Same-Sex Acceptance - Lucia Lykke
38 Learning From Drag Queens - Verta Taylor and Leila J. Rupp
39 The Sex Lives of Sex Researchers - Janice M. Irvine
40 Being Straight in a Post-Closeted Culture - James Joseph Dean
41 U.S. Attitudes Toward Lesbian and Gay People Are Better Than Ever - Tina Fetner
42 Sexual Orientation Versus Behavior—Different for Men and Women? - Eliza Brown and Paula England
Mapping Sexual Commerce and Politics
43 Sex Entrepreneurs in the New China - Travis S.K. Kong
44 Transnational Gender Vertigo - Kimberly Kay Hoang
45 Pride and Prejudice and Professionalism - Catherine Connell
46 Lesbian Geographies - Amin Ghaziani
47 There Goes the Gayborhood? - Amin Ghaziani
In Brief: Did Baby Boomers Opt out or Lean in? - Virginia Little
Introduction: Mapping Intimacy
Focus Point: An Unexpected Box of Love Research - Michelle Janning
Locating Intimacy
48 Loving Across Racial Divides - Amy Steinbugler
49 We Are Family - Katie L. Acosta
50 Unmarried With Children - Kathryn Edin and Maria Kefalas
51 Good Grief: Bouncing Back from a Spouse’s Death in Later Life - Deborah Carr
In Brief: Gender and Status Matching - Angela O'Brien
52 Measuring Same-Sex Relationships - Nancy Bates and Theresa J. Demaio
In Brief: Online Friends Affect Relationship Status - Joanna Pepin
53 The Changing Landscape of Love and Marriage - Kathleen E. Hull, Ann Meier, and Timothy Ortyl
54 Marriage Goes to School - Orit Avishai, Melanie Heath, and Jennifer Randles
In Brief: Marriage Blurring Racial Boundaries - Lucia Lykke
55 Marrying Across Class Lines - Jessi Streib
56 For Better—and—for Worse - Verta Taylor, Leila J. Rupp, and Suzanna Danuta Walters
57 Korean Multiculturalism and the Marriage Squeeze - Sangyoub Park
58 A Silent Revolution in the Korean Family - Sangyoub Park
59 India’s Reproductive Assembly Line - Sharmila Rudrappa
60 "Children" Having Children - Stefanie Mollborn
61 The Single Mother by Choice Myth - Sarah R. Hayford and Karen Benjamin Guzzo
62 Reproducing the Nation - Özlem Altiok
In Brief: Birth Control, Religion, and the Social Construction of Whiteness - Nicole Bedera
63 What Happened to the "war on women"? - Deana A. Rohlinger
In Brief: Race and Contraception - Melissa Brown
64 The Poetry of Politics: Interview With Katha Pollitt - Carole Joffe
Family Portraits
65 The Joy of Cooking? - Sarah Bowen, Sinikka Elliott, and Joslyn Brenton
66 Eating Military Base Stew - Grace M. Cho
67 The Superstrong Black Mother - Sinikka Elliott and Megan Reid
In Brief: Neoliberal Mothering - Melissa Brown
68 Families Facing Untenable Choices - Lisa Dodson and Wendy Luttrell
69 Mothering While Disabled - Angela Frederick
70 Stay-at-Home Fatherhood - Nazneen Kane
In Brief: Father Schools and Promise Keepers - Nicole Bedera
71 Picturing the Self: My Mother’s Family Photo Albums - Robert Zussman
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