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Comprehensive Textbook of AIDS Psychiatry : A Paradigm for Integrated Care


Cohen, Mary Ann (EDT)   Gorman, Jack M. (EDT)   Letendre, Scott L. (EDT)

Oxford University Press 2017/05
出版国: US
ISBN: 9780199392742
eISBN: 9780199392766
KNPID: EY00194015
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Full Description

The Comprehensive Textbook of AIDS Psychiatry: A Paradigm for Integrated Care is the first book to provide insight into the interface between the psychiatric, medical, and social dimensions of HIV and AIDS and the need for a compassionate, integrated approach to the HIV pandemic with an emphasis on humanizing and destigmatizing HIV. Drawing from the expertise of 135 contributors in clinical and evidence-based medicine, the book provides information on the prevalence, incidence, medical and psychiatric aspects of HIV, as well as on the prevention and care of persons with HIV/AIDS.

Table of Contents

Part IRelevance and Implications of HIV Psychiatry as a Paradigm for Integrated CareChapter 1: HIV Psychiatry - A Paradigm for Integrated CareMary Ann Cohen, MD, Michael Mugavero, MD, MHSC, and Elise Hall, MDChapter 2: HIV/AIDS in the Fourth Decade: Origins, Epidemiology, Clinical Manifestations, and TreatmentMichael Mugavero, MD, MHSC and J. Michael Kilby, MDChapter 3: Epidemiology and Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders Associated with HIV and AIDSFrancine Cournos, MD, Karen McKinnon, MA, and Milton Wainberg, MDChapter 4: Global Aspects of the HIV PandemicJulia del Amo, MD, PhD, Jordi Blanch, MD, PhD, Francine Cournos, MD, Emilio Letang, MD, MPH, PhD, Esteban Martinez, MD, PhD, Dimitri Prybylski, PhD, MPH, Donn Colby, MD, MPH, E. Kainne Dokubo, MD, MPH, Gaddy Noy, DO, Farah Ahmad-Stout, MD, Marshall Forstein, MD Chuan-Mei Lee, MD, and Sara Gorman, PhD, MPHIntroductionSara Gorman, PhD, MPHHIV and AIDS in AfricaEmilio Letang, MD, MPH, PhD and Francine Cournos, MDHIV and AIDS in AsiaDimitri Prybylski, PhD, MPH, Donn Colby, MD, MPH,E. Kainne Dokubo, MD, MPH, and Chuan-Mei Lee, MDHIV and AIDS in EuropeJulia del Amo, MD, PhD, Esteban Martinez, MD, PhD, andJordi Blanch, MD, PhDHIV and AIDS in the AmericasGaddy Noy, DO, Farah Ahmad-Stout, MD, and Marshall Forstein, MDChapter 5: AIDS Orphans and Other Children Affected by HIVGetrude Makurumidze, BA, Anna Gamell, MD, and Emilio Letang, MD, MPH, PhDChapter 6: HIV Discrimination, Stigma, and Gender-Based ViolenceAntoine Douaihy, MD, Neeta Shenai, MD, Kimberly Clinebell, MD, and Mary Ann Cohen, MDPart IIIntegrated Care and Advocacy for Persons with HIVChapter 7: Models of Care for Persons with HIVJames Bourgeois, MD, Mary Ann Cohen, MD, John Grimaldi, MD, Jon A. Levenson, MD, Yavar Moghimi, MD, Weston Fisher, MD, and David Tran, MDChapter 8: How to Establish an Integrated Ambulatory Care Program Co-located in an HIV ClinicMary Ann Cohen, MD, James Bourgeois, MD, Weston Fisher, MD, and David Tran, MDChapter 9: Sociocultural Factors Influencing the Transmission of HIV/AIDS in the United States: AIDS and the Nation's PrisonsRobert E. Fullilove, EdDChapter 10: HIV AdvocacySimon Collins, Tim Horn, Loon Gangte, Emmanuel Trenad, and Vuyiseka DubulaPart IIIComprehensive HIV Psychiatric Assessment, Education, and TrainingChapter 11: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Psychiatric Consultation in Persons with HIV and AIDSKenneth Ashley, MD, Daniel Safin, MD, and Mary Ann Cohen, MDChapter 12: Neuropsychological Evaluation for Persons with HIV and AIDSBibilola D. Oladeji, MD and Kevin R. Robertson, PhDChapter 13: Training in HIV PsychiatryDavid M. Stoff, PhD, Mary Ann Cohen, MD, Marshall Forstein, MD, Anna L. Dickerman, MD, and Daena L. Petersen, MD, MPH, MAPart IVPsychiatric Disorders and HIV InfectionChapter 14: Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders - The Special Role in HIV TransmissionPhilip Bialer, MD, Kenneth Ashley, MD, and John Grimaldi MDChapter 15: Mood DisordersAntoine Douaihy, MD, Matthew Conlon, MD, and Maria Ferrara, MDChapter 16: HIV-Associated Neurocognitive DisordersScott Letendre, MD, Jennifer Iudicello, PhD, Beau Ances, MD, Thomas D. Marcotte, PhD, MSc, Serena Spudich, MD, and Mary Ann Cohen, MDChapter 17: Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder - The Special Role in HIV TransmissionAntoine Douaihy, MD, Melanie Grubisha MD, PhD, Maureen Lyon, PhD, and Mary Ann Cohen, MD,Chapter 18: Anxiety DisordersAntoine Douaihy, MD, Meredith Spada, MD, Nicole Bates, MD, Julia Macedo, MD, and Jack M. Gorman, MDChapter 19: Psychotic Disorders and Serious Mental IllnessAlexander Thompson, MD, Daniel Williams, MD, Andrew Angelino, MD, Oliver Freudenreich, MD, and Glenn J. Treisman, MD, PhDChapter 20: The Role of Personality in HIV Risk Behaviors: Implications for TreatmentHeidi E. Hutton, PhD and Glenn J. Treisman, MD, PhDPart VUnique Psychiatric Manifestations of HIV InfectionChapter 21: Psychoneuroimmunology and HIVAdam W. Carrico, MS, PhD and Michael H. Antoni, PhDChapter 22: Distress in Persons with HIV and AIDSMary Ann Cohen, MD, Anna L. Dickerman, MD, and Harold W. Goforth, MDChapter 23: Insomnia and HIV - A Biopsychosocial ApproachMary Alice O'Dowd, MD and Maria F. Gomez, MDChapter 24: Fatigue and HIVAnna L. Dickerman, MD and William Breitbart, MDChapter 25: Suicide and HIVCesar A. Alfonso, MD, Eva Stern-Rodríguez, and Mary Ann Cohen, MDPart VINeuropathologic Manifestations of HIV InfectionChapter 26: Neurological Complications of HIV in the Central Nervous SystemChristopher Woldstad, BS, Michael Boska, PhD, and Howard E. Gendelman, MDChapter 27: Neurological Complications of HIV in the Peripheral Nervous SystemJohn Keltner, MD, PhD, Cherine Akkari, MD, and Ronald Ellis, MDPart VIIPsychiatric Aspects of Risk Behaviors, Prevention of HIV Transmission, and Adherence to Medical CareChapter 28: The Role of Psychiatric Disorders in HIV Transmission and PreventionAndréa L. Hobkirk, PhD, Seth C. Kalichman, PhD, David M. Stoff, PhD, and Christina S. Meade, PhDChapter 29: Psychiatric Aspects of Care Engagement and Medication Adherence in Antiretroviral-Based HIV Treatment and PreventionJeffrey J. Weiss, PhD, MS and Michael J. Stirratt, PhDChapter 30: Homelessness and HIV TransmissionKimberly Livingstone, MSW, Daniel B. Herman, MSW, PhD, Naomi Adler, MD, and Ezra S. Susser, MD, DrPHChapter 31: Routine Testing for HIV Infection, Pre-Exposure and Post-Exposure ProphylaxisBisrat K. Abraham, MD, MPH, Inti Flores, MD, and Roy M. Gulick, MD, MPHChapter 32: Vaccines for the Treatment and Prevention of HIV InfectionJosephine H. Cox, PhD, Stuart Z. Shapiro, MD, PhD, Liza Dawson, PhD, Cynthia Geppert, MD, MA, MPH, MSBE, DP, Andrew M. Siegel, MD, MA, and M. Patricia D'Souza, PhDPart VIIIHIV Psychiatry through the Life CycleChapter 33: Childhood and AdolescenceSuad Kapetanovic, MD, Lori Wiener, PhD, Lisa K. Kessler Tuchman, MD, and Maryland Pao, MDChapter 34: Young Adulthood and Serodiscordant CouplesMarshall Forstein, MD, Farah Ahmad-Stout, MD, MPH, and Gaddy Noy, DOChapter 35: Women's IssuesSara Gorman, PhD, MPH, Judith Currier, MD, Julia del Amo, MD, PhD, and Elise Hall, MDChapter 36: Older Age and HIVKarl Goodkin, MD, PhD, David M. Stoff, PhD, Dilip V. Jeste, MD, and Maria Marquine, PhDPart IXHIV Psychiatric Treatment and Psychotherapeutic ModalitiesChapter 37: Psychotherapeutic InterventionsJocelyn Soffer, MD, Cesar A. Alfonso, MD, John Grimaldi, MD, and Jack M. Gorman, MDChapter 38: Integrative TreatmentsCheryl Gore-Felton, PhD, Lawrence McGlynn, MD, Andrei Kreutzberg MD, and David Spiegel, MDChapter 39: Social Service InterventionsMary Ann Malone, LCSWChapter 40: Nursing SupportCarl Kirton, DNP, RN, MBAChapter 41: Palliative and Spiritual Care of Persons with HIV and AIDSAnna L. Dickerman, MD, Yesne Alici, MD, William Breitbart, MD, and Harvey Max Chochinov, MD, PhDChapter 42: Psychopharmacologic Treatment Issues in HIV/AIDS PsychiatryKelly L. Cozza, MD, Gary H. Wynn, MD, Glenn W. Wortmann, MD, Scott G. Williams, MD, and Rita Rein, MDPart XHIV Psychiatry and Multimorbid Medical ConditionsChapter 43: Hepatitis C and HIV CoinfectionJennifer Cohen Price, MD, PhD, Priyanka Amin, MD, and Antoine Douaihy, MDChapter 44: HIV-Associated Nephropathy, End-Stage Renal Disease, Dialysis, and Kidney TransplantJonathan Winston, MD, Etti Zeldis, MD, John Grimaldi, MD, and Esteban Martinez, MD, PhDChapter 45: Endocrine Comorbidities in Persons with HIVJocelyn Soffer, MD and Harold W. Goforth, MDChapter 46: Cardiovascular Disease, Metabolic Disorders, and Lipodystrophy in Persons with HIVLuis F. Pereira, MD, Harold W. Goforth, MD, Esteban Martinez, MD, PhD, Joseph Z. Lux, MD, Maria Ferrara, MD, and Michael P. Mullen, MDChapter 47: Overview of HIV-Associated MultimorbiditiesLuis F. Pereira, MD, Mark Bradley, MD, Harold W. Goforth, MD, César A. Alfonso, MD, Joseph Z. Lux, MD, Esteban Martinez, MD, PhD, and Michael P. Mullen, MDPart XIEthical and Health Policy Aspects of AIDS PsychiatryChapter 48: Clinician Burnout in HIV/AIDS Health CareAsher D. Aladjem, MD and Mary Ann Cohen, MDChapter 49: End-of-Life Issues, Ethical Issues, Advance Directives, and Surrogate Decision-Making in the Care of Persons with HIVCynthia Geppert, MD, MA, MPH, MSBE, DPS, Mary Ann Cohen, MD, and Rebecca Weintraub Brendel, MD, JDChapter 50: Health Services and Policy Issues in AIDS PsychiatryJames Walkup, PhD and Stephen Crystal, PhDResource Appendix for Persons with HIV and AIDS, Their Families, Caregivers, Clinicians, Educators, and ResearchersGetrude Makurumidze, BA